Friday December 4th

Time Independence - Room 121 Liberty Bell - Room 120 Kite & Key - Room 119
8:00 amRegistration
8:15 amYoga for Desk Jockeys Erica Varlese
9:00 amOpening Remarks
9:25 amDemystifying accessible websites Nancy ThankiCuring a Critical Security Bug Gary PendergastBeyond Gantt Charts and Dependencies: The Emerging WordPress Project Manager Sarah Pressler
9:35 amThe Techie Continuum Kathryn Presner
10:10 amThe Modern WordPress Developer’s Toolbox Tracy RottonThe State of Spam Anthony BubelA Bolt of Backbone Adam Silverstein
10:20 amWordPress + The Internet of Things RC Lations
10:45 amBreak
11:05 amThe Future Stack: Running WordPress with Tomorrow’s Technologies Zack Tollman, Aaron JorbinThe Art of Minimalist Design Lauren PittengerCommunities and The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense Josepha Haden
11:15 amContributing To WordPress Meta Kyle Maurer
11:50 amThemes are for Users David KennedyReact + WordPress Matías Ventura, Gregory CorneliusGithub for the Rest of Us Morten Rand-Hendriksen
12:00 pmHow Your Worst Clients Make You Better Hilary Fosdal
12:10 pmStarting/Growing your WordPress Meetup Community Judi Knight
12:25 pmLunch
1:45 pmIntent in Software Design Helen Hou-SandíHow to Build Online Courses Using WordPress Kim ShivlerReal Talk About Website Performance: 5 Must-Haves For High Speed Sites Josh Koenig
1:55 pmStreamlining the Web Design Process Using Style Tiles Stephanie Brinley
2:30 pmBuild a Theme with the REST API Rachel BakerManaging WordPress with Ansible David MurphyHow to Build a Compelling WordPress Product or Service Brian Krogsgard
2:40 pmMake a Good WordPression: Tech Blogging for a Reluctant Audience Joe Schaffner
3:15 pmREST in Action: The Live Coverage Platform at the New York Times Scott TaylorWordPress: Changing Lives Andrea RennickPushing The Creative Limit Sara Cannon
3:25 pmGet It Right The First Time: WordPress Launching Checklist Ryan Rudolph
4:00 pmBreak
4:20 pmDynamic CSS: Transforms, Transitions, and Animation Basics Beth SoderbergA Survey of Elasticsearch Usage Greg BrownFrom Blog to Book: Re-purposing Your WordPress Blog into an eBook Lisa Melegari
4:30 pm7 Typography Rules I wish I Knew Before Designing a Theme Dmitry Mayorov
5:05 pmIntroduction to WordPress unit testing Carl AlexanderBuilding Next-Generation Projects With BuddyPress David BissetDesigning For Those Who Matter – Your Users David Laietta
5:15 pmUnintentional Exclusion – Web accessibility and how we’re failing our users LeeAnn Kinney
5:50 pmAdvanced Topics in WordPress Development Andrew NacinConferences For The Ultimate Connected Brand Experience Tina KesovaPublish in 10 Minutes Per Day Andrea Badgley
6:00 pmWhat I Learned When My Blog Post Went Viral Dennis Hong

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Saturday December 5th

Time Independence - Room 121 Liberty Bell - Room 120 Kite & Key - Room 119
9:00 amWordPress: The Next Generation – A Look Into WordPress Sites 5, 20, and 50 Years into the Future Rami AbrahamDecoupled Development with WordPress JSON APIs Matt Cheney, Mark LlobreraYou can learn a lot from WordPress: Learning by building the Web Andrea Forte
9:10 amHow Giving Back to WordPress Grows My Network Shayda Torabi
9:45 amMake WP_CLI Work For You: Extending WP_CLI With Custom Commands Chris WiegmanBuild and Launch a Custom Site Using Only Your Phone Anthony D. Paul10 tips for clean code Michael Toppa
9:55 amAsynchronous Events Aaron Brazell
10:05 amScaling Dynamic WordPress Websites Aaron Edwards
10:30 amBreak
10:50 amGamify With the API Timmy CrawfordAccessibility: Proven, easy integration into design and development workflows Robert JollyE-Commerce in 2015 Patrick Rauland
11:00 amThings you always wanted to know about WordPress (but were afraid to ask) Evan Volgas
11:35 amUnite and Prosper: How WordCamp Europe helped reinvigorate WordPress communities Luca SartoniWordPress in the White House: Development of the Open Innovation Toolkit Sara CopeI Wanna Go Fast: Advanced Techniques To Optimize Front-End Performance Allen Moore
11:55 amARIA: Roles, States and Properties Joe Dolson
12:10 pmLunch
1:40 pmGodzilla CSS Michael ArestadWordPress In Higher Education Curtiss GrymalaThe Future of WordPress is Low-Tech Eric Mann
1:50 pmMaking use of a little known gem: The WordPress HTTP API Ryan Duff
2:25 pmWordPress, Open Source, and Museums: A look at the tools and processes of moving our collections online Mel Choyce, Courtney OCallaghanMeeting the New York Times Challenge: delivering the news over HTTPS Paul SchreiberScratching an Itch: Taking the First Step to Becoming a WordPress Contributor Morgan Estes
2:35 pmRobots Write the Docs Luke Woodward
2:45 pmTake Care of Each Other: How to Contribute to WordPress Without Writing Code Rich Robinkoff
3:10 pmLearning for WordPress Developers Nikolay BachiyskiPlaying well with others: writing solid code in large community projects Dennis SnellTeaching the next generation of WordPress bloggers and hackers Charlie Reisinger
3:20 pmNever Assume when Teaching WordPress Joe Casabona
3:55 pmBreak
4:15 pmWordPress Best Practices for Enterprise Taylor LovettNavigating Today’s Website Threats!! – A Stroll Through WordPress Security Tony PerezExplaining Hard Things to Humans: The Principles of Effective Technical Communication Frederick Meyer
4:25 pmCommunity Spark: How to start a discussion on community engagement Winstina Hughes
5:00 pmState of the Word
7:00 pmAfter Party

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Sunday December 6th

10:00 am

5:00 pm
Contributor Day