Accessibility at WCUS

We are happy to announce that WordCamp US will be fully accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing via Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) live captioning and American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters.

Captions will be projected to the main screen in every presentation room and ASL interpreters will be provided on request. The Livestream will also have captions available.

ASL Interpreters may be requested via the General Admission Ticket registration form.

Videos from WCUS will immediately have captions when they are posted to

In addition to helping people with any level of hearing loss, captions also make presentations more accessible to folks whose first language is not English and can improve comprehension and retention of content for all viewers.

Accessibility is a priority in The WordPress Community. For WordCamp US, we made a commitment to make the event as accessible as possible with the hope of setting a new standard for all WordCamps.

Thank you to the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre for helping us implement these services.


Hungry yet? Your Philly Foodie guide to everything!

Philadelphia is a great food city! And for those coming to town for WordCamp US, a wonderful thing about the convention center is its close proximity to some of the best places to eat in Philly.

Here is my insider’s guide to Philly food – WordCamp US Edition.

The Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market – Multi-vendor Market – 51 North 12th Street

Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is a huge, enclosed public market offering almost every cuisine imaginable. It adjoins the Convention Center, so if you’re cold-adverse, you can walk there without ever having to go outside.

The vendors there are all local, independent businesses offering great food. Here are some highlights:

  • DiNic’s – DiNic’s is famous for their roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwich. It is pretty darn amazing.
  • Salumeria – Really great sandwiches and hoagies.
  • Miller’s Twist – Amish-style soft pretzels you can watch them make by hand. They take them hot out of the oven, brush them with butter and hand them to you. It’s decadent, but delicious.
  • Down Home Diner – An actual, eat-in diner serving country-style classics.
  • Mueller Chocolate Co. – You can get chocolate shaped like anything here – brains, rats, kidneys, etc. in addition to more traditional chocolate treats.


The Convention Center is surrounded on two sides by Philly’s Chinatown where you can find great places to eat and shop. Below are some my favorites.


  • Lee How Fook Chinese – 219 North 11th Street I’ve been going to Lee How Fook with my family since the 80s, and I would dare say it is the best Chinese food in Philly. Get the salt baked squid, the Peking Duck or a vegetarian Buddha Roll.
  • Vietnam Restaurant – Vietnamese – 221 North 11th Street Right next door to Lee How Fook is Vietnam Restaurant (not Vietnam Palace across the street). The food is delicious, and if you want to share a cocktail, get a Flaming Volcano – it’s like a drink trough with real flames in the middle.
  • Dim Sum Garden – Dim Sum – 1020 Race Street Two words: soup dumplings. They also have the cutest logo ever.
  • Dimum-logo-150x150Nan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House – Chinese Noodles – 1022 Race Street Noodles are hand-pulled in-house and added to soups and other dishes. The food is tasty, but they do not offer many vegetarian options.
  • New Harmony Vegetarian – Chinese Vegetarian – 135 North 9th Street When you look at the New Harmony menu, you’ll see things like “shrimp” and “pork” but everything they serve is vegetarian. My favorite is the Sizzling Beef. Alx prefers the Deep Fried Vegetarian Roast Duck.
  • Hop Sing Laundromat – 1029 Race Street. A speakeasy-style cocktail bar that is shrouded in mystery with a strict dress code. I hear the cocktails are amazing though.
  • Yakitori Boy/Japas Karaoke Lounge – 211 North 11th Street The food at Yakitori Boy/Japas Karaoke Lounge is pretty decent with an Izakaya style (“Japanese tapas”) menu, however the real fun is the private Karaoke rooms and Karaoke bar upstairs. You can rent a private room for relatively inexensively and sing, eat and drink for hours.

The Gayborhood/Washington West

Directly South of the Convention Center is an area of Center City referred to as “The Gayborhood” and it has a ton of great food options.

  • Barbuzzo – Mediterranean – 110 South 13th Street Really delicious, fresh Mediterranean-inspired food. If you want in you’ll need a reservation, because it’s always packed, but you can sometimes grab a spot at the bar. If you can’t get in, there are a ton of other great restaurants on 13th street.
  • cheuCharlie Was a Sinner – Vegan – 131 South 13th Street Charlie Was a Sinner is an amazing vegan cocktail bar. If you want to drink fancy cocktails/mocktails and eat fantastic vegan food this is the place to go.
  • Cheu Noodle Bar – Ramen – 255 South 10th Street Cheu Noodle is my favorite place to eat in Philly. I’ve eaten a lot of ramen and hands-down this is the best in town (my fav is the Miso Ramen). They don’t take reservations and you may have a wait, but it’s worth it.
  • Little Nonna’s – Italian – 1234 Locust Street Delicious Italian Restaurant owned by Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran, the same couple that owns Barbuzzo and a bunch of other restaurants in the area.
  • Vedge – Upscale Vegan – 1221 Locust Street Vedge has repeatedly been named the best gourmet vegan restaurant in the US. Chef Rich Landeau also won an episode of Chopped.

Old City/Society Hill

The neighborhoods East near the Delaware River and South of Market are Old City and Society Hill. They can get a little touristy and crowded at night, but there are still some great places to eat in that area.

  • Morimoto – Japanese – 723 Chestnut Street Japanese food is my favorite cuisine and some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life has been at Morimoto. Get the tuna tartare, you’ll be dreaming about it for weeks afterward.
  • Zahav – Israeli – 237 St James Place Amazing food made up of small plates.
  • Talula’s Garden – Farm-to-Table – 210 West Washington Square Fresh, delicious and a really beautiful space. Talula’s always makes the top restaurant lists in Philly.
  • Han Dynasty – Trendy Schezuan Chinese – 123 Chestnut Street I think this place is decent, but people LOVE it, especially the Dan Dan noodles. The dishes are heat-rated by number.
  • Khyber Pass Pub – Pub Food – 56 South 2nd Street The Khyber was a divey, live music venue where all the local bands played. Several years ago it closed down to music forever and turned into a restaurant. It still has the same spirit as it did back then, but now with great omnivore/vegetarian/vegan-friendly food.
  • The Olde Bar – Oyster Bar- 125 Walnut Street Bookbinders was a historic seafood restaurant that opened in the 1800s and closed in the 2000s. Recently local restaurateur, Jose Garces, reopened the space as The Olde Bar. A few WCUS organizers decided to give it a try a couple months ago and had a truly magical eating experience. So good.


Rittenhouse is the area of Center City that is West of Broad Street and South of Market Street.

  • fednutsV Street – Vegan – 126 South 19th Street Vegan tapas! It’s a great place, but small and they do not take reservations so you’ll probably have a wait. (Edited: I just got word that they DO now take reservations – woot!)
  • Oyster House – Seafood/Raw bar – 1516 Sansom Street Arguably the best raw bar in Philly.
  • Hip City Veg – Fast Food Vegan – 127 S. 18th Street – Hip City is vegetarian Heaven! They serve 100% plant-based fast food. It is a local, 2-location chain owned by the same woman who owns Charlie Was a Sinner. This location is small with just a few tables, so it’s better for takeout.
  • Federal Donuts – Donuts and Fried Chicken – 1632 Sansom Street This place serves 3 things: Donuts, Fried Chicken and Coffee and they are all delicious.
  • Dizengoff – Israeli Hummusiya – 1625 Sansom Street Dizengoff serves hummus with various toppings and fresh-baked pita. It sounds simple, but the hummus is so amazing here you’ll wish all hummus tasted this good.

Other Neighborhoods

Philly is delicious, and if you’re in the mood to explore, you can make the journey to these further away neighborhoods. You can also check out these places if you’re in town before or after WordCamp US.

Italian Market Areapretzel-wapuu
The Italian Market is a strip of 9th Street that runs from Bella Vista to South Philly. It starts north of Christian Street and ends at famous the dueling Cheesesteak joints, Pat’s and Geno’s. It’s a pretty great strip with lots of places to eat and shop, but I am going to talk about just one unique Philly experience located in this area you should try not to miss while you’re in town.

  • Center City Pretzels – Real Philly Soft Pretzels – 816 Washington Ave. There are few things more magical and delicious than eating a hot Philly soft pretzel right after it’s rolled out of the oven. I live pretty close to Center City Pretzels so I get to enjoy this often. They make the BEST pretzels in Philly from only three ingredients: flour, yeast and water. Monday to Friday, they are open from midnight to noon, so if it’s 3am and you’re craving a pretzel they’ve got you covered.

East Passyunk Ave
East Passyunk Ave. is South of Center City and wall-to-wall with restaurants and local shops. Here are a bing

  • Bing Bing Dim Dum – Hipster Dim Sum – 1648 East Passyunk Ave. This place is the Cheu Noodle Guys’ second restaurant. It’s super fun with tasty dim sum and drinks.
  • Cantina Los Caballitos – Mexican – 1651 East Passyunk Ave Really good Mexican inspired food and drinks.
  • Izumi – Japanese – 1601 East Passyunk Avenue Pretty good sushi.
  • Stateside – Gastropub – 1536 East Passyunk Ave Anthony Bourdain shot some scenes from Stateside for his Philly episode of The Layover.

Northern Liberties
You can walk around the Piazza or Liberties Walk and find a zillion places to eat. The area gets a little obnoxiously crowded at night, but late afternoon/early evening isn’t too bad. Here are some of my fav NoLibs places to eat.

  • D’mitris – Greek – 944 North 2nd Street D’mitris is one of my favorite restaurants in Philly. Get the grilled octopus or the fried calamari.
  • Cantina Dos Segundos – Mexican – 931 North 2nd Street The NoLib’s branch of Cantina featuring Mexican inspired food and drinks.
  • Standard Tap – Gastropub – 901 North 2nd Street Good beer and good food.

Fishtown is the hipster outpost of Philly. It’s a little far from Center City Philly but full of great places to eat.

  • Pizza Brain – Pizza – 2313 Frankford Ave Pizza Brain not only has decent pizza, it is also the World’s first Pizza Museum! After you’re done your slice you can go to Little Baby’s Ice Cream next door.
  • Cedar Point Kitchen – Localvore American – 2370 East Norris Street Really good classic food and a great selection of beer.
  • Loco Pez – Mexican – 2401 East Norris Street – Delicious drinks and tacos.
  • Stock – Hipster Pho – 308 East Girard Ave. Tasty Pho and Banh Mi.
  • Kensington Quarters – Localvore Hipster Restaurant/Butcher Shop – 1310 Frankford Ave. Meat-centric restaurant with a butcher shop featuring local and sustainability raised meat.
  • Frankford Ave. There are too many places to eat on and around Frankford Ave. to list them all. This article lists most of them – An Eating and Drinking Tour Through Fishtown

Where to get decent coffee

Coffee people, you know what I’m sayin’ – you don’t just need coffee you need GOOD coffee. My wife and I are coffee people and we know all the great coffee shops.

Center City

  • Elixr – 207 South Sydenham Street This one is the closest to the official WCUS hotel.
  • Bodhi – 263 S. 10th Street
  • Rival Bros. – 2400 Lombard Street


  • Ray’s Cafe & Tea House – 141 North 9th Street You won’t get hipster pour-overs here, but Ray’s was doing Jamaican Blue Mountain siphon coffee and cold-brew iced coffee way before it was cool. The coffee here is simply delicious and the presentation is super cute.

Newbold/Graduate Hospital

  • Ultimo Coffee – 2 locations: 1900 S 15th Street and 2149 Catharine Street

Queen Village/South Street

  • Shot Tower Coffee – 542 Christian Street. My local coffee spot.
  • Ox – 616 South 3rd Street
  • Bodhi – 410 South 2nd Street

Old City

Northern Liberties

  • One Shot – 217 West George Street My favorite place for coffee near work.


  • Reanimator – 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave.
  • La Colombe Headquarters – 1335 Frankford Ave – I’m not a huge fan of La Colombe coffee (sorry), but their flagship shop in Fishtown is amazing and the coffee is extra good there.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg – Philly is such a great eating city. If there is anything specific you’re looking for, drop it in the comments and I’ll help you find it.

Introducing — Benpuu

If you’ve been to many WordCamps in the past you may have noticed an interesting little character has made its way into WordCamps around the globe and at the same time secured a special place in many of our hearts. Wapuu is the WordCamp mascot craze circling the globe and we at WordCamp US couldn’t miss the chance to create our very own. But before the unveiling we thought you should know a little more about Wapuu and where it comes from.

Wapuu History

From The Wapuu Fan Club Site

original-wapuuIt all started when Matt Mullenweg (the co-founder of WordPress) went to Japan in 2009. While there the Japanese WordPress community asked him if they could create a mascot. Matt said yes as long as it was GPL licensed and designed by an illustrator who understands the open source community. The community asked Kazuko Kaneuchi, who had experience in creating the Japanese NetBeans mascot, Neko-bean.

Once the design was done a vote was held to decide the name. 67 different names were
proposed and the voting began on August 2, 2011. Over 530 votes were cast and “wappy” was the winner. However, it was discovered that there was already a Japanese company using the name wappy so the second place name was chosen, wapuu (わぷー). wapuu was officially unveiled at WordCamp Fukuoka 2011. The WordPress world has never been the same.


BenpuuIntroducing Benpuu

Benpuu is a new iteration of one of the WordCamp Philly Wapuus. He comes dressed in his finest duds with his very favorite book and he’s available exclusively at WordCamp US.

Thanks to StickerGiant we even have a sneak peek of the Benpuu stickers in production!

Want a Benpuu sticker of your very own? Tickets are still available, grab yours now.


The Cheesesteak Post

What is a cheesesteak?

Cheese steak Wapuu
Cheesesteaks are a Philly thing. A cheesesteak is thinly sliced steak, chopped and grilled, served on a long roll (usually an Amoroso roll) with cheese. A cheesesteak “wit” includes diced grilled onions. The most common types of cheese used on a cheesesteak are American, Provolone and Wiz.

There are a few variations on cheesesteaks:

  • Pizzasteak: Cheesesteak with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce (my favorite as a kid).
  • Chicken Cheesesteak: Same as a cheesesteak, but with chicken instead of steak.
  • Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak: Chicken Cheesesteak with Buffalo wing sauce.
  • Cheesesteak Hoagie: Yup, a hoagie and a cheesesteak all mixed together. It’s more delicious than it sounds and you really can’t get a more Philly sandwich than that.

Where’s the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly?

A cheesesteak in Philly is like a latte in Seattle – almost anywhere you go is going to be pretty decent. However, everyone in Philly who enjoys cheesesteaks has their favorite place.

We’ll have every WCUS organizer with an opinion weigh in:

  • Tracy

    Joe’s – 1 West Girard Ave. (Frankford & Girard), 19123, Fishtown.
    Four WCUS organizers walk into a cheesesteak shop. One is a vegetarian, another gluten-free, the third dairy-free and the last an omnivore – and they all enjoy a delicious cheesesteak. At Joe’s, you can get a vegan cheesesteak, or a real steak sandwich with vegan cheese or vegan steak with real cheese on a gluten-free roll – any combination you want! And, they don’t mess up the order! Joe’s is also across the street from my office in Fishtown, a really fun neighborhood to explore. Hop on the El, get off at Girard Ave. and walk just a couple blocks East to get to Joe’s.

  • Alx

    Blackbird Pizzaria – 507 s 6th St. Philadelphia, 19147, Society Hill.
    Philadelphia is home to many vegans and vegetarians and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to options and variety. Cheesesteaks are no different. You can find vegetarian cheesesteaks in diners and restaurants throughout the city, but Blackbird in South Philly wins the prize. The all vegan “meat” is tender and full of flavor and the vegan wiz just brings it home. It’s one chewy, flavorful, savory, melty, delicious bundle of awesome. While you’re there be sure to try the Vegan Root Beer BBQ wings and a Blueberry Soda.

  • Brad

    Dalessandro’s Steaks – 600 Wendover St. Philadelphia, 19128, Roxborough
    One of the highest rated cheesesteaks in the city, Dalessandro’s Steaks is where the locals go for awesome steaks and hoagies. There is nothing better than washing a wiz wit cheesesteak down with an ice cold lager. Dalessandro’s Steaks is not to be missed.

  • Reed

    Dalessandro’s Steaks – 600 Wendover St. Philadelphia, 19128, Roxborough
    Yeah. I have to second Brad’s pick – and it was a favorite with most of the people I knew when I lived nearby. But not a wiz wit, though…’Murican witout, I say.

  • Jodie

    Jim’s Steaks – 400 South St., Philadelphia, 19147, South Street
    I’ve lived near South Street since I came to Philadelphia over 15 years ago. My first Philly cheesesteak was at Jim’s many moons ago. You can’t walk down South Street without getting a whiff of their delicious concoctions and there is always a line on the weekends. I get mine with provolone and plenty of fried onions because I’ve never really liked wiz. I’m not sure if there is anything better on a chilly fall day than watching the Eagles while eating a Jim’s steak.

  • Doug

    DiNic’s Roast Pork – Reading Terminal Market
    I’m going to play against type here and suggest an alternative to the cheesesteak: the roast pork sandwich. Awesomely tender pork with provolone and the addition of broccoli rabe make this sandwich a great alternative (some would say “better!”) for those who have been cheesesteak’d out. And, conveniently, the Reading Terminal Market is mere steps from the convention center!

  • Liam

    Sonny’s – 228 Market Street, 19106, Old City
    Drifting into the city from the suburbs, I’m always drawn to Old City. Its history, its architecture and more enthrall me on every trip. When I arrived in Philly in 2009, Sonny’s was the first place I went for cheesesteaks. I’ve loved it ever since. Just a short stroll from the Convention, Sonny’s can be the home of your cheesesteak memories on your first visit to  Philly.

  • Cami

    Joe’s – 1 West Girard Ave. (Frankford & Girard), Fishtown.
    I’m west coast dweller so I was hesitant to make a suggestion. At first. Under the guidance of this great team I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about how to enjoy a cheesesteak and I’ve eaten at a couple of the establishments on this fine list. But my vote goes out to Joe’s. I was one of the four organizers who walked into that cheesesteak joint and I have to say that a little bit of my heart stayed there. They made ordering a gluten free cheesesteak wiz wit seem like the most normal thing in the world, and wow was it delicious. Plus bonus points for having a pickle bar.

And now, we shall leave you with this informative video from Visit Philly on how to order a Philly Cheesesteak.

Editor’s note: This was the most hotly contested post of the WCUS planning process. For Philly folks the perfect cheesesteak is serious business.

2015 WordPress Community Summit Application

The WordPress Community Summit is a two-day gathering of the people who most actively contribute to the WordPress project via its many contributor teams. This year it will take place on the two days preceding WordCamp US – Wednesday, December 2, 2015 and Thursday, December 3, 2015.

The WordPress Community Teams

Participants will span all the teams who work on the WordPress project itself: Core, Design, Mobile, Accessibility, Support, Polyglots, Documentation, Themes, Plugins, Community, Meta, Training, Flow and TV.

Summit Application Guidelines

In addition to active Community team members, seats are also available to folks who are heavily involved in the greater WordPress ecosystem but may not be on one of the contributor teams.

If you want to attend the Summit, please fill out a Sign-up Request.

Admission to the WordPress Community Summit will be dependent on the number of applicants and the space we have available.

Submit a Sign-up Request


The WordPress Contributor team icons

2015 WordPress Community Summit Dates Announced

We are excited to announce that the WordPress Community Summit will be held on December 2-3, 2015, in the days preceding WordCamp US. These dates were chosen based on the results from the proposed dates survey. The majority of respondents preferred that the Community Summit be held prior to the official start of WordCamp US.

An Amazing Space for Collaboration

The summit will be held at The Hub, a beautiful meeting space just a few blocks from the official WCUS Hotel at 2001 Market Street 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

For the 2 day gathering, we will have an array of large, open spaces and intimate conference rooms.


About the WordPress Community Summit

The WordPress Community Summit is a smaller, invite-only event for active members and contributors on the many teams that work to improve WordPress: Core, Design, Mobile, Accessibility, Support, Polygots, Documentation, Themes, Plugins, Community, Meta, Training, Flow and TV .