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Welcome to the live blog of the State of the Word, at WordCamp US 2015! Follow along for live updates from Matt Mullenweg’s talk, and watch the live stream.

Chris Hardie December 5, 20156:44 pm

Thanks for tuning in to the State of the Word!

Chris Hardie December 5, 20156:43 pm

Question: when will the minimum PHP requirement be raised?

Matt: when we change this, it may actually leave a lot of people behind instead of driving them to switch. It’s largely driven by web hosts, and so we’re doing a lot of outreach and encouragement there. All major web hosts in the WordPress world have programs underway to upgrade. Whenever we can, we try to do as much as possible to protect every website (including backdating security updates). The improvements in newer PHP versions may not be compelling enough to accelerate an upgrade, so there may be greater value in focusing on other tools like JavaScript. The importance of backwards compatibility has facilitated our current market share. We’ll use our power in the web world where we can to help here.
Chris Hardie December 5, 20156:39 pm

Question: what’s coming in terms of organizations contributing time and resources back to WordPress?

Matt: it’s growing, neat things are happening, we’re still not where we want to be. It’s a process, more examples are coming. There are good opportunities to promote and highlight options here.
Chris Hardie December 5, 20156:37 pm

Question: do you see any modifications to the plugin repository to support a premium/freemium ecosystem?

Matt: it can be a bad user experience when everything you’re looking for in a plugin directory has a “gotcha” – we have to be careful. There are other examples of tools introducing this kind of thing and bad things happening. WordPress will continue to be oriented toward a collaborative model, this is how we realize our vision of democratizing publishing.
Chris Hardie December 5, 20156:34 pm

Question: results of the community survey?

Matt: lots of data to go over, but basically more people are using WordPress, app development is growing, lots of people are making their living with WordPress, and other great trends are showing up. We’ll try to do a blog post about it.

3 thoughts on “State of the Word Live Blog

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I got out of this sitting in on the live streaming from the Netherlands. I really liked that you captioned everything, because I’m an accessibility nut.

    Just as a note, it would great if you could publish the name of the seminar and the time on the live stream. I sometimes had to do other things and got a bit lost on where I was at times.

    Hope everyone is having fun at the after party.

    –Kind regards,
    Ellyn Larson

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