Highlight on: Running a WordPress Business Sessions at WordCamp US

Do you have a WordPress business? Just you, maybe? It’s not easy to stay current with tools and techniques that can help you get more done in less time, or do things you couldn’t do before. At WordCamp US, you’ll be able to learn a lot that will help your business and make life more enjoyable.

For example, you can expect that Sarah Pressler’s “Beyond Gantt Charts and Dependencies: The Emerging WordPress Project Manager” will help you to better control the various projects going on at a given time. It’s a lightning talk, not a full course in Project Management, but learning a few best practices is always good.

What do you use for your site development? You can look forward to learning great ways to build a development environment with the tools Tracy Rotton will discuss in “The Modern WordPress Developer’s Toolbox.”

Ever have clients say they love that splashy theme with a beautiful demo? It’s worth your while to consider “Themes Are for Users,” by David Kennedy. His session will show you how to help clients select themes that work for their specific users and situations, rather than being distracted by glitz and a dazzling array of options.

Another useful lightning talk comes from Brian Krogsgard: “How to Build a Compelling WordPress Product or Service.” Brian will highlight some great tips on improving the value you can provide to your clients, helping you stay competitive.

Security is fundamental, and the more you can learn about it the better, so attending Tony Perez’s “Navigating Today’s Website Threats!! – A Stroll Through WordPress Security” is an easy call for almost everyone.

WordCamp US provides two jam-packed days of learning at both full sessions and lightning talks. If you have a WordPress business, it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain insights, explore aspects of WordPress you may not have known, and learn from some of the best in the WordPress world.

There are many more sessions which you’ll find interesting —check out the full schedule here. With tickets at just $40, you’ll get a great ROI. Get your ticket today! 

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