Highlight on: Design Sessions at WordCamp US

Guest post by Luca Sartoni.

Ahead of the event, we’d like to help you get oriented to some of the dozens of sessions which might be aimed at a specific audience, or might appeal to someone trying to learn more about the subject. Today, we’re going to look at three great presentations about design:

Lauren Pittenger: The Art of Minimalist Design

Lauren Pittenger is a Front End Designer and Developer with LBDesign. She also serves as an instructor with the Women’s Coding Collective. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and snuggling puppies.

David Kennedy – Themes are for users

David A. Kennedy works at Automattic wrangling themes for WordPress.com. He’s also an accessibility evangelist and He contributes to WordPress Core, the WordPress Accessibility Team and the Underscores starter theme. His presentation is about a theme’s user experience, and how to set users up for success.

Beth Soderberg – Dynamic CSS: Transforms, Transitions, and Animation Basics

Beth Soderberg works as a web developer at CHIEF and in her spare time volunteers with the WordPress Training and TV Teams, the WordPress DC Meetup, and the DCFemTech coalition in Washington, DC. In her session she will explore the fundamentals of CSS transforms, transitions, and animation.

If you are up for a quick snack, here are three more talks on design which will be in the 10-minute format:

There are dozens more sessions planned, including more design sessions, at WordCamp US 2015 — check out the full schedule and buy your tickets now!

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